Why Gluten Free?

Roley’s whole range of products have the Glutenfree certification. And that’s something we are very proud of, because this way our customers can enjoy our product knowing it is 100% gluten free.

But why do people eat gluten free? We will try to explain to you what gluten are and why some people aren’t able to eat them. And maybe after you’ve read this you’ll understand why a gluten free choice from time to time is a healthy choice.

What are these gluten people are talking about?
Gluten is a protein that can be found in different sorts of grain. The protein in wheat for example consists out of 80% gluten. The plant hoards the gluten inside of the grain, where its purpose is to provide the plant of reserves.

Gluten can be divided into two protein groups; glutenines and gliadines. This latter group (gliadines) are the proteins that causes damage to people with a celiac disease (pronounce; see-lee-ac).

It is still very difficult and almost impossible to take out all of the gluten from most grain sorts. That is why Roley’s uses the grain teff and oat. As these grain are rich in fibres, vitamins and minerals and are naturally gluten free.

How do you know you’re allergic to gluten?
Well actually, a gluten allergy doesn’t exist. You either have celiac disease or you have a sensitivity to gluten. Celiac disease can only be diagnosed with a colonoscopy. When you have celiac disease you can cause serious damage to your small intestine by eating gluten. Gluten affects the mucosa in the small intestine, which results in nutrients that won’t be absorbed. As you can imagine, this can give a lot of complications.

And then there are people with a gluten sensitivity. This group gets intestinal problems. Gluten makes them ill and can cause diarrhoea or clogged bowels. Scientists aren’t sure what it is what makes these people sick. It can be the gliadines but it can also be a different substance. That’s why this group of people are suggested to eat gluten free.

To figure out if you have a gluten sensitivity you are advised not to eat any gluten for a period of 6 weeks. After this period you can start eating gluten again. If there is a difference in health it possibly means you have a sensitivity to gluten. If thought you might have celiac disease you’ll get a colonoscopy.

A lot of celiac disease patients are also diagnosed with a lactose intolerance (dairy products). That’s the reason why some of Roley’s products are free from gluten and dairy as well.

Why don’t we only eat gluten free products then?
Gluten provide a fresh structure to breads, cakes and other ambient products, because it binds the flour. You can tell the difference in taste and structure between a gluten free bread or a gluten containing bread.

We get it, why would you eat gluten free products when gluten don’t give you any problems. Well, as applies for most food, too much gluten just isn’t good for you. You would be shocked at how many products contain gluten. Even pasta sauces, soups or candy have gluten in them. People have no idea how many gluten they eat a day.

That’s the reason why Roley’s bakes gluten free products for everybody! So take it in consideration and pick a gluten free bread or pie  from time to time.